You can now reward millions of online users when they read, play, workout and move everyday.

What's Goloot?

Goloot is an ecommerce marketing solution transforming the best digital moments into commerce opportunities for brands around the world. Our tech allows you to reward users for their digital behaviours on apps and websites with special offers, driving engagement and purchase while reducing the ever-increasing customer acquisition costs.

The benefits of using Goloot

New acquisition channel

Goloot's reward-based model opens up an exciting new revenue stream for your brand.

Brand exposure

Showcase your brand in front of millions of potential customers through our network of Publishers.

Premium Publishers

High quality and trustworthy content, games and experiences serving highly engaged consumers.

How does it work?


Connect your

A simple, non-technical integration means more resources towards better offers. 


Set up your offers

In Goloot, offers are the ultimate rewards. The better the incentive, the greater the consideration.

  • Gift cards
  • Products
  • Perks
  • And more


Select where your offers appear

Choose on which of our premium Publishers' platforms and in what context your offers will appear.



Choose to focus only on new customer acquisition or retarget those you value the most.


Reward users

Take part of the user journey as they complete challenges and accumulate points and exchange them for your offers.


Turn users into customers

Transform typical user behaviour into a fun, simple and effective purchase journey.

Goloot puts value at the center.


From data sharing to the selection of their favorite rewards, user choice is at the center of what we do.


We  provide visibility on what is shared, to whom, and for what reason.


We take compliance seriously and made it part of our core at each level of our organization.