Reward your users for the behavior that matters most to you with Goloot.

What's Goloot?

Goloot is an embedded e-commerce solution allowing publishers to facilitate purchase at the point of engagement, stimulating user registration and increasing lifetime value.

The benefits of choosing Goloot

Acquire new users

With Goloot, you can set custom incentives for users to sign up to your platform.

Higher user retention

Our exchange model encourage users to actively engage with your platform through captivating challenges and delighting experiences.

Increased Revenue

Piloting a new revenue stream with Goloot and boost your average user LTV

How does it work?



Simply invite users to sign up to your platform where they can start earning points that can be exchanged for exclusive brand rewards.



Set up exciting challenges for users to complete based on your most important metrics.

  • Increase Pageviews or Screen Views per Visit
  • Increase Average Visit Time or Time Spent
  • Increase Usage Frequency
  • And much more



As you challenge and reward your users with points, they can cumulate and exchange points for exclusive rewards offered by our brand partners.

  • Gift Cards
  • Products
  • Access and Perks
  • And much more



Monetize meaningful user engagement and earn a commission for each purchase made through your platform.



Reduce churn and boost user LTV thanks to the gamification of user engagement and behavior.

Goloot puts value at the center.


From data sharing to the selection of their favorite rewards, user choice is at the center of what we do.


We  provide visibility on what is shared, to whom, and for what reason.


We take compliance seriously and made it part of our core at each level of our organization.